DJ Pauly D Plays Private Party In North Bethesda For Bat Mitzvah [UPDATED]

[UPDATED 9/9/2019: Corrections/clarifications and additional info direct from our insider source ;-) below in bold]

Yeahhhh buddy!

Here's everything we know about DJ Pauly D in North Bethesda on Saturday!

In a scene that wouldn't have been out of place on MTV's My Super Sweet 16, DJ Pauly D was hired to play a bat mitzvah in North Bethesda, MD Saturday night that took over half a block of the Pike & Rose shopping district and the entirety of restaurants "Summer House" and "Stella Barra".

Residents noticed something was up when copious amounts of security guards popped up around Pike & Rose to direct traffic which was quickly becoming gridlock in the two block neighborhood. Pike & Rose was suddenly turning into Hollywood & Vine!

Bonnie Walker Events put everything together along with Revolution Events who was hired to transform the two restaurant spaces at the corner of Grand Park Ave and Persei Place into a trendy nightclub space called "Penthouse 2 - North Bethesda". Hired paparazzi stood outside the entrance taking photos of guests as they entered.

The photo below is of one guest of honor, a young woman celebrating her special day in a very cool way. According to the insider who spoke to us directly, this party was for two young women turning 13. It was important to their family to have the party in their community and support community businesses.

The event drew a lot of attention from passers-by and people who came to Pike & Rose to see a Saturday night movie or grab a bite at one of the restaurants that was now overtaken by this extravagant event.

We were told by our exclusive insider source that the party planning began months ago and included a super-cool 'mini bar' invitation with non-alcoholic rosé. Because this party was taking over Pike & Rose, they worked closely with the developers of the community (Federal Realty) to hire security and secure the necessary permits to take over the sidewalk and entrance areas around "Summer House" and "Stella Barra". Some insider info: the restaurants are owned by "Lettuce Entertain You" and they flew in staff from around the country to support...even the main chef!

The party began around 7pm with light fare followed by DJ Pauly D, of MTV's Jersey Shore fame, arriving to play a set for the attendees around 9pm. He played for about 90 minutes and posed for photos with partygoers.

Thanks to one of the dancers hired to perform with Pauly, @mya_mathias on Instagram, we have a peek inside the party of DJ Pauly D in action.

According to reports, the birthday celebration wrapped around 11pm and moved to The Canopy hotel next door where there was a personalized metal water-bottle station. Guests could custom paint their own S'well-style bottle to take as a parting gift. According to our insider, the swag was epic with various items made available throughout the night.

From what we heard, guests were asked to pay admission of $80 per head. Not sure how true that is, but rumors spread like wildfire among residents of the Pike & Rose community. We were able to confirm there was not a cover-charge, which makes this party even MORE awesome than it already was!

All in all, this looks like it was a heck of an epic birthday!