Lost Footage of Marc Summers and the Double Dare Live Tour

To celebrate the return of Double Dare, I have something REALLY special to share!!

Travel back in time with me, 26 years ago, to the "Super Sloppy Double Dare Live Tour" when Marc Summers had light brown hair and I actually *had* hair. Robin Russo plucked me from the audience to play a game on stage...and it just so happened that WMAR had a cameraman there to cover it.

I had an old VHS tape from that night's newscast that I've toted around with me from move-to-move over the last two decades. I never digitized it. Big mistake. Over the past week, I tore into my apartment and storage unit searching for it to no avail. I thought the video was lost forever. Through some miracle, my friend Mallory Sofastaii was able to connect me with Robby, the Sr. Director of Creative Services at WMAR...WHO WAS ABLE TO LOCATE IT IN THEIR ARCHIVE!! In fact, turns out he is the one who originally shot the video! I can't express my gratitude enough!

I was just 14 years old... Let's go back now, to the very first time I met Marc, doing what he does best, playing a game of "Musical Pies" at the Baltimore Arena on January 5, 1992...

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