Drew Carey Was Nearly Killed On The Price is Right


The Price is Right is a dangerous show.

Not for the contestants...but for the host! Drew Carey was nearly pulled off the stage, which is about a 4 foot drop, by an over-eager contestant who was thrilled to have the winning bid in Contestants' Row.

Contestant Sona raced up on stage, and in her excitement, jumped on Drew causing him to tumble dangerously toward the edge of the stage, landing square on a strip of lightbulbs. Immediately Drew appears to grimace from the fall, having landed on his back, but exclaims he's OK as he gets up and proceeds to get the show back on track.

As a former model in the Bob Barker days, Janice Pennington, was once thrown from that same spot in 1988 by a cameraman who swung his camera too wildly. That accident caused Janice to suffer from a 2-inch scar and a shoulder that was lower than the other. She eventually returned to the show a few months later.



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