'Big Brother' Contestant Makes Transphobic Comments

If you're not watching Big Brother 19 on CBS this summer, you are missing a huge hot mess of a social experiment. One contestant has already self-evicted, another was evicted on day 1 and there have been multiple injuries... and the show has only been on a week!

Every day, viewers are met with a quickly dissolving house of drama and just-plain crazy.

The current villain of the season is generally thought to be Cody... and after his statements regarding "trannies"... he's a villain of more than just a TV show. Some could say he's a villain to culture in general. He's self-sure, smug, and generally carries a "I'm the man" super-alpha attitude... and well, let's just say, that's not playing well for the cameras. 

One look at these clips and we wouldn't be shocked to see Cody searching for employment after his time in the Big Brother house. I mean, what are people thinking?? You are literally on display and EVERY WORD is heard by anyone who cares to watch... the show's biggest fans are calling for his dismissal on Twitter.

UPDATE: Turns out Cody isn't the only one dropping terrible comments. A new video shared below shows Jason using the word "fag" as derogatory while contestant Jessica remains complicit as she did with the aforementioned Cody. Note, there is an openly-gay contestant playing this season. His name is Ramses and it's unknown if he's aware of these comments being made.


After some awkward laughs and general statements from housemates eager to distance themselves from Cody's comments, the Big Brother Twitterverse is on fire and determined to get CBS to respond. In the past, CBS has issued disclaimers when Houseguests have been overtly racist.



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