GIRAFFE UPDATE: Is April Fooling Us?


America has been watching with baited breath for weeks. They keep telling us "ANY DAY NOW" that April the Giraffe is going to give birth. Days passed. Weeks passed. Still no baby.

Again, they tell us this is "normal"... a giraffe can have a gestation period of around 15 months, but it's impossible to know for sure the exact moment. So, naturally, we've been glued to these numerous live feeds of a giraffe meandering around a pen, waiting for the moment we'll see a slimy 150-pound baby giraffe drop from April's loins.

Guys... her name is APRIL. What is Saturday? April 1. APRIL FOOL'S.

There's even a sponsor on the live feed now... Toys R Us. Think they've been fooled too?

That's not the only evidence that this could be a prank. Let's turn to Jimmy Kimmel and implicate him. He's a notoriously patient pranker and this wouldn't be the first time he's used YouTube against us. Remember the twerking girl who fell into the coffee table? That was revealed to be a Jimmy Kimmel joke MONTHS after they posted it, because it took that long to go viral.

April Fool's is that man's favorite holiday. Sure, it's on a Saturday this year, but that doesn't mean he won't reveal his elaborate ruse on Friday or even next Monday.

You've been warned.



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