Lost Footage from "Double Dare" Nightmare

Back in the 1980's, kids game show "Double Dare" on Nickelodeon was groundbreaking for many reasons...but even a classic like that can get off to a rough start.

During the first day of taping in 1986, the very first kids to ever run the now-infamous 60-Second Double Dare Obstacle Course, faced an obstacle called "Nightmare" that more than lived up to its name.

The object of Obstacle #1 on the course that day was to find one of the show's orange flags hidden inside a giant pillow full of feathers. When host Marc Summers said "GO!", the kids started digging and digging... only, no flag was to be found. 

Turns out the producers forgot to put it in there. They cut and reset and gave the kids another whirl.

As the clocked ticked down, they still couldn't find the flag. This time, host Marc Summers thought the producers placed the flag...and they thought Marc did it! Oops. Cut and reset yet again.

Now, thanks to retro channel "The Splat", the lost footage of this happening has been found and released on YouTube so we can see how it all went down.


The good news is, after two more runs, the team finally completed the obstacle course and won the whole thing. On the third try, they found the flag right away but a cameraman accidentally tripped the contestant.

Surprisingly, this obstacle lived on for several years before being retired from the Obstacle Course.



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