Xbox Is Releasing A Chocolate Controller You Can Actually Eat

Have you ever wanted to EAT your video game controller? Now you can thanks to Xbox's new partnership with Timothée Chalamet's 'Wonka' film!

Microsoft has created what it's calling the "first ever official edible controller" to go alongside a Willy Wonka inspired Xbox Series X (that isn't edible) and it looks like Willy Wonka himself actually made it all.

The edible gamepad doesn't actually work, of course, but is an Xbox controller replica made entirely of chocolate. If you're worried about how you would control the giant chocolate bar themed console, Xbox is also packing an actual controller in the box inspired by Willy Wonka's burgundy coat.

The box also includes five video game themed chocolates:

  • Achievement Hunting: Delicious chocolate with a boost of energy ingredients.
  • Button Masher: Buzzing with bold espresso to keep your reactions crisp and your head in the game.
  • Your Citrus Sidekick: Chocolate and orange team up for a sunny burst of flavor, in honor of the fruitful variety of games available on Xbox Game Pass.
  • Xtra Kick: Balances out the sweet with just the right amount of heat. Just like any end boss, this gets you a little fired up but yields sweet rewards.
  • Wonka for the Win: This treat focuses on the essence of what makes a great truffle: the chocolate. 100% pure, decadently delicious chocolate.

You can attempt to win the package, which includes the Xbox Series X, controller, chocolate controller by following Xbox on X/Twitter and retweeting the official Xbox sweepstakes post before December 14th which as of this posting hasn't been published yet!

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