New Research Claims You Should Never Wear Socks To Bed

Feet crossed with gray socks on bed under blanket

Photo: locknloadlabrador / iStock / Getty Images

Do you sleep with socks whenever you go to bed? You might want to stop doing so according to a new study!

The National Institute of Health has reported that bacteria that is commonly found in roaches and their feces develops whenever you put socks on your feet and go to bed.

According to the study, 70% of people who wear socks to bed don’t bother putting on clean ones, which causes the bacteria to grow within your socks since you have it trapped from 11pm to around 8am most nights.

Researchers actually swabbed the socks people wore from 7 am to 11 pm and it turns out half of them contained pseudomonas aeruginosa - a kind of bacteria that causes infections in humans. Researchers also discovered some of the socks were filthier than an uncleaned TV remote!

Now there are other studies that say "sock-sleepers" get more rest each night and are less likely to snore so if you do plan on wearing socks to bed just make sure they are a clean pair!

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