The Halloween Decorating Trends For 2023

Decorating home for Halloween

Photo: svetikd / E+ / Getty Images

Friendly reminder that Halloween is a little over six weeks away, but now is the perfect time to start decorating for it as many retailers are actually launching deals for the fall.

Whether you're breaking out your old pumpkin decorations or investing in a 12-foot-tall giant skeleton these are the trends for decorating this year:

  • Witchcore - Searches for “Witchcore” are up by 1,566% on Pinterest, so we’ll see more cauldrons, crystals and floating witch hats this year.
  • Halloween wreaths - Purchases of “candle wreaths” increased by 193% in the last month, plus searches for “Halloween wreaths” are up by 1,100% since July.
  • 12-foot tall lawn decor - You’ve probably seen Skelly, the 12-foot tall skeleton with intense LCD-screen eyes. Retailers including Lowe’s, Sam’s Club and Home Depot report increased demand for super-sized skeletons, ghosts, werewolves and mummies this year.
  • Luxury pumpkins - This year, we’ll be seeing high-end gourds made of glass and ceramic. Apaprently there has been a 302% increase in purchases of glass pumpkins, while Pinterest reports, “This is the year of black pumpkins.”
  • Floating candles and candelabras - TikTokers are creating displays where the candles look like they're floating, which are made using LED candlesticks with invisible thread attached to hang them at different heights.
  • Theme Park-worthy animatronics - People are willing to shell out big bucks for hyper-realistic characters, like this 6-foot tall Michael Myers from Lowe’s.
  • Skeleton animals of all kinds - We’ll be seeing a range of animal skeletons this year, including French bulldogPiglet and even unicorns.

Time to start heading to our local Home Depot and Michael's to prepare for the spookest time of the year!

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