Soccer Player Goes Viral For Using An UNO Reverse Card On A Yellow Card

Even if you're not a fan of soccer you got to love the reactions players have whenever they get a yellow or red card in a game and this player had the ultimate reaction of all time by pulling out an UNO reverse card on the referee!

During the annual Sidemen Charity Match at London Stadium over the weekend YouTuber Max Frosh actually gave the ref a green UNO reverse card after he received a yellow card and you immediately can tell the referee didn't see it coming.

Sidemen FC is a team created by the Sidemen YouTube group for their charity soccer matches and they took on a team of YouTube All-Stars that included Frosh, JiDion, IShowSpeed, Jacksepticeye. MrBeast even participated on the Sidemen team during the match.

Over $2.4 million was donated during the charity match, which will be donated to multiple charities, but you already know some actual soccer stars are thinking of stashing a reverse card in their cleats for when the time is right!

See the moment below!

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