Fanta's New Mystery Halloween Flavor Can Turn Your Tongue Black

We're all for a good mystery flavor with candy and drinks, but Fanta is outdoing them all this year for Halloween with their new mystery flavor that reportedly dyes your tongue black if you drink the entire bottle!

The soda brand released a limited-edition flavor earlier this month that looks midnight-black in the bottle. Obviously because the drink is a very intense shade of black it can dye your tongue after drinking an entire bottle and it might be the best way to dye your tongue if you have a planned Halloween costume around it.

As long as the special soda is available, the brand is inviting fans to guess the flavor on social media through weekly events. To find the drink at your local retailer you can go HERE to find out where it is sold.

You can see what the drink looks like below, but who is down to have our tongues look a different color this Halloween season!?

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