Hula-Hooping Has Become 2023's Trendy Full Body Workout

When was the last time you tried hula hooping? It might be time to pick up your favorite hula hoop because it's quickly become one of 2023's trending full body workouts!

Not only is it easy on your joints and body, but it can actually engage your entire body according to multiple massage therapists and yoga instructors. Plus hula hoops come in different sizes and weights that you can choose based on how intense of a workout you want to do.

Apparently just hooping around your waist with a regular hoop, not a weighted one, will get your heart rate up after about three minutes and it can have the same effects as doing a spin class or Zumba.

You can go HERE to see their tips on how to maximize your hula hoop exercise! However, in case you need a refresher on how to hula hoop, or have never successfully done it before, you can check out the video below to practice!

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