What The Percent Chance Of Rain Actually Means...

When you hear your local meteorologist say there's a "30% chance of rain" what do you think they mean? Turns out we've all been thinking what they mean completely wrong!

Thanks to a viral TikTok from @sydjkell, people are learning that a “30% chance of rain" doesn't mean there's a 30% chance of rain happening today or not, but that it actually means that there is a "100% chance of rain in 30% of a given area."

The result of this calculation is known as “probability of precipitation” or “PoP” and it factors how likely it is to rain and how widespread the rain will be.

You can watch the video below to have it explained even more, but just know that when you do look at your weather app while packing for a trip that you might want to bring that rain jacket just in case you're in the "30% of the area" that gets rain!

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