Rubbing Your Eyes Can Distort Them According To This Eye Doctor

How often do you think you rub your eyes on a daily basis? Turns out we should avoid doing it at all according to an eye doctor on TikTok!

TikTok user @drrupawong has gone viral after revealing what happens to your eyes every time you rub your eyes whether for stress or to clear out any gunk in your eyes in the morning and it turns out your eyes become extremely distorted.

She used an MRI scan of a patient rubbing their eyes and in the video, which you can see below, explains how continually doing so can weaken your corneas and misshapen your eyes over time.

Now we know sometimes you rub your eyes just out of habit, but if you ever consciously catch yourself doing it then you might want to avoid doing so. We're just trying to keep our eyes healthy for a long time so we're not using bifocals like Benjamin Franklin did back in the day!

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