How To Have The 'Best First Date' According To Experts

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First dates are always an anxiety-filled time, but thanks to a panel of experts and multiple studies looking at dating in 2023 there are science-backed ways to impress your date!

Obviously you want to keep topics like religion and politics off the table, but these are the things you should do to "win" a first date:

  • Talk about your adventures - According to one study, 18% of couples who met for a second date talked about their adventures while traveling on their first date. Talking about their travels led to more laughter and smiles between the couple and helped them appear more attractive to each other.
  • Be responsive - One way to get the conversation flowing is to build on what your date says by asking them questions in response. Psychologists have found asking your date genuine questions shows warmth.
  • Share a secret - According to psychologists, you can create a sense of closeness and intimacy by sharing personal information.
  • Don’t be afraid to be controversial - Talking about taboo subjects, like STDs and previous break-ups, leads to livelier conversations than sticking to safe topics. Nobody likes awkward small talk, so this helps break the tension.
  • Ask what their favorite drink is … then buy it for them - OKCupid has found that men and women who drink beer are more likely to be open to intimacy after a first date. Plus it also shows you have an interest in what they actually like.

You can read more HERE, but above all just be yourself on your first date and see where it goes from there!

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