This Hotel Offers A FREE Spa Plan If You Volunteer At This National Park

Personal perspective of couple relaxing on top of Yosemite valley; feet view

Photo: swissmediavision / E+ / Getty Images

Trying to visit more National Parks in the next few years? You might want to volunteer at Yosemite National Park because you could get a FREE spa trip because of it!

The Rush Creek Lodge and Spa, which is located half a mile away from the California park’s Highway 120 west entrance, is offering guests who sign up to participate in a cleanup project a free magnesium foot soak as a thank you.

The cleanup, which is part of an annual “facelift” project, is scheduled for September 20-24th and the even better part is that this happens annually.

Travelers who participate in volunteering also have access to the spa's other features and will even get 10% off their stay while volunteering.

The National Park Service also keeps a running list of volunteer events and promotions to incentivize more people to volunteer, which you can see HERE!

To volunteer for this year's Yosemite clean-up you can go HERE!

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