Seating Chart Mistakes You Don't Want To Make At Your Wedding

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One of the best/most stressful parts of planning your wedding is figuring out where everybody is sitting, but we're here to help you out with the mistakes you should avoid while making your seating chart!

According to a panel of wedding planners, day-of coordinators, and venue managers these are the mistakes you should avoid while figuring out where your extended family should sit compared to your mom and dad:

  • Forgoing a seating chart - Going without a seating chart can create a nightmare situation. It may seem easy to bunch your friends and family on one side of the room and your partner's friends and family on the other, but if there's any tension between guests, things can go awry once the champagne starts flowing.
  • Having a singles table - You want all your guests, no matter their relationship status, to feel welcome and not like social outcasts. It may be your big day, but considering the feelings of those who have come to celebrate with you both near and far should be at the top of your list.
  • Waiting for everyone to RSVP - Unfortunately, while your wedding is a priority for you, this isn't necessarily the case for your guests. This is why you should absolutely not wait to start your seating arrangement for the wedding reception.
  • Failing to consider the kid situation - It's important to know you're under zero obligation to invite kids to your wedding. Not only are weddings expensive, but kids, especially younger ones, can be unpredictable and cause mayhem.
  • Not asking for your parents' input - Even if your parents are only pitching in 15%, they deserve some say regarding seating arrangements — especially since they may be aware of family beef you never knew existed.

You can read more HERE, but in any case we wish you the best with planning your seating chart!!


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