New Survey Reveals Half Of Americans Avoid Stores Without A Drive-Thru

Customer Receiving Food at Drive Thru

Photo: kmatija / E+ / Getty Images

Turns out we REALLY love our drive-thrus in the US according to a new survey that looked at how people consume fast food!

The survey was conducted from Intouch Insight and apparently 47% of Americans say they would completely avoid a store if it didn't have a drive-thru or pick-up option.

According to the study, the typical person visits a drive thru three or four times a week for coffee or fast food and that a third of Americans will "always" choose a drive-thru option if it's available.

Some of the main reasons people gave for choosing the drive-thru is because they didn't have to talk to employees as much, they got to stay in their car, and they felt like they received less judgment for their order.

Chick-fil-A came in first for “average cars in line,” with nearly five, and while that sounds like it could be bad, it’s a sign of their popularity. Arbys and McDonald’s ranked highest for accurate orders, but the most order errors are in the beverage category.

You can read more from the survey HERE!

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