Bartender Goes Viral For Admitting They Prioritize Customers Who Tip More

You might want to tip a little more if you want to faster service at the bar or club!

Thanks to TikToker @RomanSparkles, who happens to be a bartender, the Internet is learning that tipping more than a standard 15-18% tip will let the bar staff or any other server know that you are willing to pay extra for better service and encourage them to help you out more.

The video has over 1.5 million views as of today and it originally started off as a video on if bartenders judge you based on what you drink. Roman Sparkles said it didn't matter what you ordered as long as you tipped well if you were a repeat or regular customer.

Sparkles later commented that the original intention was all satire and that his video was basically a bartender's internal monologue, but you can see below and let us know if this applies to your job if you work in the service industry,

Either way let this be a reminder to tip well wherever you go!

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