Apple Says You Shouldn't Charge Your Phone Near Your Bed While Sleeping

Woman Asleep In Bed With Mobile Phone And Voice Assistant On Bedside Table

Photo: monkeybusinessimages / iStock / Getty Images

You might want to move where you charge your phone at night because Apple is saying you shouldn't charge your phone on or near your bed at night!

The tech company recently issued a warning to iPhone users about how charging your phone at night could "result in fire, electric shock ,injury, or damage toyour iPhone" and now we can never charge our phones the same again.

Normally you might be the type of person to charge your phone while you sleep so that it also serves as an alarm clock for you in the morning, but you might want to rethink that now.

The dangers are especially prevalent if your iPhone is covered up and can't properly ventilate while it's charging, but Apple also warned that the risk of fire increases if you use third-party chargers to power your device, as some cheaper chargers may not have the same safety standards as Apple's official products.

Might be time to move your charging area to the other side of your bedroom.

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