You Should Only Be Wiping Three Times According To This Expert

Clean, white bathroom toilet with the lid closed

Photo: TheDman / E+ / Getty Images

Get ready to have you bathroom time judged because apparently you might be wiping a little TOO much according to this expert on TikTok!

TikTok user @bien.aus, whose real name is George, recently went viral after she revealed that you shouldn't be wiping more than three times while in the bathroom as any more and you could be impacting your pelvic floor.

George is a pelvic floor physiotherapist so she does know what she's talking about, but she explains that wiping more than two or three times is called "fecal smearing" and you're really just pushing around everything down there more than it needs to be.

She explains that to reduce your number of wipes you can implement the "waterfall formation" which involves squeezing your muscles down there to slowly remove everything at a small amount and then at 100%.

You can see her explanation below, but you already know we're going to be more conscious of how many times we wipe now!

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