The Average Time People Eat Dinner In The DMV

Happy female friends having dinner at home together

Photo: Westend61 / Westend61 / Getty Images

What do you consider dinnertime? Apparently most of the DMV would say around 6:20pm!

A new survey conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics looked at the average times Americans ate dinner and the range is between 5:07pm and 8:19pm.

While there did not appear to be any specific reasoning behind a correlation between geographic location and dining times, the three-hour range peaked at 6.19pm, which is when the majority of people sit down to eat. However, it actually varies a lot even on states in the DMV and our neighboring states. Pennsylvania has an average dinner time of 5:37pm and we feel like you definitely need a late-night snack after the early-bird special!

Here are the average dinner times you might want to keep in mind when making your next dinner reservation:

  • Pennsylvania - 5:37pm
  • West Virginia - 6:05pm
  • Maryland - 6:15pm
  • Virginia - 6:32pm
  • DC - 7:10pm

You can see wear other states rank amongst their dinner times HERE!

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