New Study Says The Average First Date Should Only Last Two Hours

Couple going on a first date and attempting to hold hands during a dinner date at a restaurant

Photo: d3sign / Moment / Getty Images

How long do you think a first date should last? According to a new survey it should only last around two hours if you want it to be successful!

The survey asked Americans not only what their average first date length was, but how long they thought the date should actually last and it was found to be around two hours and fifteen minutes.

Oddly enough, the survey also asked if getting a quick coffee or an all-day date led to a successful relationship and 22% of Americans said longer or quicker dates did impact if they were to go on a second date.

The survey also looked at the common signs a date went well, which included: a call or text right after the date, a goodnight kiss and keeping the date going longer. On the other hand, the red flags a date didn't go so well included: being ghosted afterward, making an excuse to cut the date short, or awkward moments of silence.

Just be prepared for two hours of material for the first date! You can read more from the survey HERE!

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