Post Malone Bought A Magic: The Gathering Card From A Fan For $2 Million

I guess we can now call Post Malone Frodo Baggins because he is now the sole owner of the 1 of 1 Magic: The Gathering Card based on "The One Ring" from The Lord Of The Rings!

The card went viral earlier this year as Wizards of the Coast (the makers of Magic: The Gathering) announced that there would only be one copy of the card in their Lord of the Rings-themed set that launced last month.

A man named Brook Trafton actually found the card a few weeks ago and went viral for being its sole owner, but because he knew Post Malone is a huge fan of Magic: The Gathering he actually offered to sell it to him.

Cut to yesterday and we find out that Brook actually met Post Malone backstage at one of his concerts and sold the card to him for over $2 MILLION after getting it graded and valued!!

You can see the video of their transaction below, which might be one of the most wholesome card-selling interactions you'll ever see!


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