You Can Get Paid To Leave Reviews Of Cocktails In The DMV

Five colorful gin tonic cocktails in wine glasses on bar counter in pup or restaurant

Photo: MarianVejcik / iStock / Getty Images

Think you know ALL THINGS related to cocktails? You can now get paid to drink your favorite cocktails and review them throughout the DMV!

A new company called The Pinnacle Guide is looking for anonymous reviewers to review signature cocktails for bars within the area and rate them based on a 1-3 pin system.

To help get the concept off the ground, The Pinnacle Guide is seeking reviewers to anonymously visit bars in their region, order two drinks at each venue (paid for by The Pinnacle Guide) and submit feedback based on their experience.

If selected, you'll also be given a briefing sheet for each bar to help you prepare just in case you never realized that bar was in your neighborhood. To become a reviewer, you can go HERE, but this sounds like the perfect excuse for you to go out for drinks every weekend as long as you're prepared to go to a bunch of places you're not a "regular" at!

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