Why You Keep Waking Up At 4AM According To Sleep Experts

Woman with insomnia lying in bed with open eyes. Girl in bed suffering insomnia and sleep disorder thinking about his problem at night

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Everybody has those nights where they struggle to fall asleep, but the opposite can also happen where you keep waking up and it turns out a TON of people keep waking up around 4am throughout the week!

Thanks to a group of sleep experts we now know why 4am is usually when everyone wakes up before their alarm and it's because of our natural sleep patterns.

Apparently we start to experience less deep sleep after around four to five hours so things can wake us up a lot easier than if they happened at 2am or an hour after we go to sleep.

There are other factors that can also affect when you randomly wake up throughout the night and it could be because of the amount of melatonin going through your system (which is why some people take melatonin pills before going to sleep).

Your diet and the amount of anxiety you have going on are also factors, so altering the amount of stress you have right before bed and limiting what you eat before going to sleep can also help.

You can read more about everything HERE, but if you're like us and go to bed around 9am then get ready to be woken up randomly around 3am because it happens to us ALL THE TIME!

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