We FINALLY Have A Trailer For 'Loki' Season Two

It feels like it's been forever since we last saw Tom Hiddleston's Loki deal with the ramifications of his variant Sylvie ruining the timeline at the end of Loki Season One, but we FINALLY have a trailer for the show's upcoming second season!

In the trailer, which you can see below, we not only get a glimpse at the plot of this season, which involves our Loki experiencing "timeslipping," but we also get to see Ke Huy Quan make his debut in the MCU.

Owen Wilson returns as Mobius and Sophia DiMartino also returns as Sylvie and you know we're in a for a good time-traveling time and that the soundtrack/score for the show is going to be fire again. We also know that a version of Kang will be making an appearance throughout the show as well.

Loki Season 2 premieres on Disney Plus on October 6th which also makes Disney Plus's return to Friday premieres for the first time in a while!

You can also check out the latest poster for the show's second season below, which features multiple variants of Loki in one poster! October can't get here any faster!!

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