Tricks Interior Designers Use To Make A Room Look Bigger

Interior view of a modern living room.

Photo: COROIMAGE / Moment / Getty Images

We can all agree living in the DMV isn't cheap for the amount of space you get, but thanks to a group of interior designers these are the tips to making your apartment or living room feel and look like a larger space.

Here are their top room-expanding tricks that might be worth trying out this weekend to see if they actually work or not:

  • Choose bigger prints for wallpaper - Using big prints in little spaces can help your room feel bigger. For example, in a small room you can add a very large pattern and actually feel like you’re increasing the size of a room.
  • Use maximum-size furniture even in small spaces - Use the biggest size furniture you can fit, no matter how small the room is. That depth is what creates a bulkier look, which you want to avoid in a small room, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t use the full-length of the space.
  • Use reflective surfaces beyond mirrors - Decorating with mirrors can create the illusion of space by reflecting the light, but also adding reflective items like a metallic side table, sculpture, frame or even wallpaper can add light and depth to a small, dark room.

You can read more tricks HERE, but looks like we're buying some mirrors this weekend!

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