New Pokémon Sleep App Also Records Your Farts While You Sleep

We're always down to download apps and wear health devices to figure out our bodies, but it seems like The Pokémon Company's new app designed to track your sleep has an unintended feature: it also tracks how much you pass gas throughout the night.

Pokémon Sleep is a themed app designed to track your sleep by sort of "gamifying" your bedtime and letting you catch different Pokémon based on your sleep. The more restful sleep you get, the better Pokémon you have can potentially catch; however, the app tracks your sleep by recording any noises throughout the night which you already know where this is going.

Multiple users have shared online how the app alerted them that they had a noise during the night and when they click on the recording of the noise it's just the user farting during the night.

The app only holds on to these recordings for 24 hours or until you fall asleep again, so the farts aren’t being saved forever, but if you needed any proof about your partner farting in their sleep then it's worth a download!

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