You Should Turn Your Ceiling Fan Off When You're Not In The Room


Photo: isitsharp / E+ / Getty Images

The summertime is usually when you have to pay a little extra for your electricity bills because you want to cool off your home, but it turns out it's not you AC that's causing the expensive bills, it's your ceiling fan!

If you're like us then you have a ceiling fan on throughout the entire night to keep you cool while you sleep, but apparently you should turn them off if you're not actually in the room.

Apparently fans in general don't cool the actual air, but just cool our bodies so when we're not in the room they really aren't cooling anything down.

The one exception is when you have a window or door open as your fan is helping move new air into the room. Also friendly reminder to change the switch on your ceiling fan so that it spins counterclockwise to give you more cool air in the summer!

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