Burger King Is Selling A Pink 'Barbie Burger' In Brazil

We've seen a TON of marketing for the Barbie movie, which FINALLY comes out this week, but Burger King in Brazil might have released the greatest collab yet - a pink "Barbie Burger!"

The pink burger is part of Burger King Brazil's BK Barbie Combo and comes in a brioche bun with a slice of meat, cheese, bacon, and a smoky pink sauce that you already know is going to get all over your hands.

The combo also comes with "Ken-themed fries" and a pink Barbie Donut Shake that comes topped with a donut on the shake so this might be your entire meal for the day if you were planning on doing the Barbie-Oppenheimer double-feature in one day.

You can see what the "Barbie Burger" looks like below and as of right now it will only be in Brazil, but something tells us some locations in the US might try to do this and it will go just as well as the red Spider-Verse burgers from earlier this summer!

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