Home Depot Is Selling A Giant Jack Skellington For Your Lawn

Even though we're in the middle of summer, it might be time to start thinking about your Halloween decorations this year because Home Depot just revealed a 13-foot Jack Skellington animatronic you can decorate your lawn with!

The chain is topping its 12-foot skeleton it's released in previous years by teaming up with Disney to release a version of The Nightmare Before Christmas character that you can use to decorate your lawn for both Halloween AND Christmas because we still don't know what type of movie it is!

The animatronic statue even has the ability to sing and move around so you will definitely be the talk of your neighborhood or apartment complex when Jack Skellington is towering over everyone's home.

The Jack Skellington animatronic will go on sale later today for $399, which might sound expensive at first, but will definitely pay off for the years you hopefully have Jack on your lawn before somebody steals him.

You can see what Jack Skellington can do below!

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