Taco Bell Created A Digital Version Of Its Coin Drop Game

There was nothing better back in the day than earning a free taco or order of Cinnamon Twists from Taco Bell because you had the skills to master their Coin Drop game next to the register and now the chain is giving their ICONIC game a digital makeover for 2023!

Taco Bell announced that you can now play the brand's Coin Drop Game in the Taco Bell app and earn rewards to use for future orders.

To play the game you have to opt to Round Up in the Taco Bell app with an order and you'll receive a "digital coin" to play the game. Much like its 2000s' version, you’ll need to use the digital coin to land on a paddle to win a FREE Taco Bell menu item like Cinnamon Twists, a Crunchy Taco, or a Bean Burrito (the same rewards from back in the day).

You'll even get the chance to practice the game before using your digital coin so you can actually perfect the game before really playing. Rounded up funds will go directly to the Taco Bell Foundation and if anything this gives us a reason to relive our childhoods!

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