Dairy Queen May Have Revealed A Taylor Swift-Inspired Blizzard

In need of the perfect treat to enjoy while listening to Taylor's version of Speak Now? Dairy Queen apparently has you covered because they may have released a Taylor Swift-inspired Blizzard last week!

Now technically the Blizzard is Dairy Queen's "Cotton Candy Blizzard," but look at the image below and tell us it doesn't look like a "Lavender Haze-inspired" frozen treat!!

In Dairy Queen's Instagram post the brand shared how it also identified as a Swiftie and even took to Twitter to say how they may block any Johns that follow them on social media in solidarity with Taylor Swift and her famous ex John Mayer.

Say what you will about brands capitalizing on pop culture events for a few likes on social media, but we think we're going to Dairy Queen later today to try their Cotton Candy/Taylor Swift Blizzard!

Also you know you've made it once a Blizzard is pseudo-inspired by your music!

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