This Winemaker Released A Bottle That Holds 42 Liters Of Champagne

We're all fans of wine in our own way, but this new bottle of champagne is only for the most serious of wine lovers because it holds over 42 liters of champagne inside!

French winemaker Luc Belaire just announced the release of Zeus which holds up to 45 liters of champagne that weighs 160 pounds when filled. The even funnier thing is that it requires three grown humans to actually pour the bottle.

According to the brand, the bottle took seven years to construct and involved the enlistment of aerospace engineers to ensure the bottle could last for years if you didn't open it right away.

Two bottles have been produced so far and the wine brand hopes to release Zeus commercially later this year, but hasn't announced a price yet. Something tells us it might cost a good chunk of change to have a MEGA-sized bottle of champagne at your next party or happy hour!

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