'Daisy Dudes' Are The New Summer Fashion Trend For Men

Move over "suns out, bums out" and make way for thigh cheeks to be out this summer thanks to the new trend called "Daisy Dudes!"

Shein recently went viral for offering a NSFW pair of jean shorts that don't leave too much to the imagination, but would be great if you wanted to work on your tan this summer.

The cropped bottoms are listed as the “Manfinity Fever City Men Cotton Raw Trim Denim Shorts” for $10.99 and people appear to be buying them in droves for either themself or their man to rock throughout the summer.

You can see what a pair of the denim shorts look like below, but if you were comfortable with a 5.5-inch seam with your "hoochie daddy" shorts a few years ago then get ready for these as the next evolution!

Just be prepared to wear your extra tight underwear with these shorts (or go commando) because there isn't that much room to hide things with these shorts!

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