The Work Trends You Need To Know In 2023

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We're always down to learn new workplace phrases and trends to not only stay current with everyone, but to know what's going on in our office and we want to share some of the common phrases you may hear more throughout 2023!

From "quiet quitting" to "grumpy staying," these are the workplace trends and phrases you might want to be aware of in case you notice your other coworkers doing some of these things:

  • Quiet quitting - When you start to work less hard and subtly reduce your effort. You’re not going above and beyond and only doing what’s assigned to you.
  • Career cushioning - You have a plan B in case you’re let go from your job or you want to move on. This includes making yourself open to new opportunities and even applying for jobs on the sly.
  • Act your wage - You’re only doing the tasks and duties that you’re actually paid to do. You’re not staying late or taking anything else on.
  • Rage applying - You’re fed up with your current job and are angrily applying to other jobs just to get out.
  • Grumpy staying -: You can’t leave your job, so you stay in your current role and just do what’s expected of you.
  • Bare minimum Monday - You start your week off by taking it easy. You don’t work especially hard and do the bare minimum.

We're ALL here for Bare Minimum Monday or "Bare Minimum Day After A Holiday!"

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