The Beige Flags To Watch Out For When Applying To Jobs

Group of unrecognizable candidates waiting for a job interview.

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Finding a great job in 2023 is no easy task, but thanks to a job-hunting expert you might want to watch out for these "beige flags" when it comes to applying to a job!

You might have heard "beige flags" when it comes to dating which are the signs that someone is boring or less interesting/thrilling compared to when you first met them and the same apply to a potential new job.

Here are the "beige flags" career experts say you should look out for or ask about when applying to a job:

  1. Beware of the bland - Look out for phrases like “excellent communication skills”, “goals-orientated” or “the ability to multi-task” as they lack specificity.
  2. Steer clear of cringe - Quirky job titles may seem cute, but it could show the company’s trying too hard.
  3. A “competitive salary" - It’s all about salary transparency right now, and if they’re just saying “competitive,” they’re not being transparent.
  4. Promoting the non-perks - Showcasing the legally obligated holidays and maternity pay aren’t real perks.
  5. Attention to detail - If the job listing has spelling errors, grammar mistakes, or weird formatting.. not the best sign.
  6. Tell us about yourself - If they have you fill out a form asking for exactly the same info as your resume and cover letter.
  7. Just all a bit… vague - Pay attention if interviews are rescheduled, delayed, or if answers on them aren’t specific.

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