People Are Calling Out The Stores That Have "The Laxative Effect"

Have you ever gone shopping and then all of a sudden had the urge to go to the bathroom? You're not alone and thanks to the Internet we're now calling it "the laxative effect!"

Thanks to our friends at Buzzfeed, they asked a stomach and gut health expert on why the phenomenon happens and according to her the sensation happens whenever we go to stores like TJ Maxx or Barnes & Noble because the smells excite or calm down our nervous system and cause our bodies to react.

Apparently our emotions also play a factor in this happening and even if it isn't apparent to you, your body reacts based on how excited you are to look for a new book or find that dress that's on sale and is perfect for a night out.

You can see TikToks reacting to the "laxative effect" below, including one that explains it even more from Adam Conover below, but what store always causes the "laxative effect" for you!?

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