Furby Is Making A Comeback For Its 25th Anniversary

Get ready to instantly feel old because Furby is making a comeback later this year for its 25TH ANNIVERSARY!!

As we instantly cringe thinking that the first Furby came out 25 years ago, Hasbro just announced that the chatty animatronics will be returning to stores starting in July, but they'll be modernized for 2023.

Like early models, the new Furbies will interact and talk with you in both English and "Furbish" with over 600 phrases, but they will also come in coral and purple and actually light up so you know it's going to wake you up in the middle of the night.

The new Furby will retail at $69.99 and you can buy it on Amazon now or wait for its physical release next month, but just know that you CAN turn off this Furby without needing a screwdriver to take out its batteries!

Get ready to be traumatized by a Furby again!

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