The One Exercise That Can Impact Your Love Life According To Research

Athletic man listening music while exercising on exercising class in a gym.

Photo: Getty Images

You might want to rethink buying an at-home exercise bike because according to a recent study it could impact your love life!

More specifically, the traditional bike seat that we sit on as we cycle our way through Peloton or other bike workouts may cause issues downstairs regardless if you’re a male or female.

Apparently if we sit on a bike seat for too long, the nerves and blood vessels in our genital area get compressed which can cause less sensation when you're in the bedroom.

At the same time, researchers found that the handlebars of a bike can also impact your sex life because if the handlebars are lower then you most likely have to learn forward which causes more pressure on your pelvic region.

You can read more from the study here, but it might be time for you to cut back on going to spin classes every week!

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