Ireland Will Pay You Up To $92,000 To Move To One Of Its Islands

Woman trekking on Cliffs of Moher walking trail in Ireland

Photo: Getty Images

We totally understand having to move in or out of the DMV because rent is either too high or just because you want to get away, but if you're willing to move to Ireland then you could get paid $92,000 for your moving expenses!

The country just announced a new program that will offer cash grants to people willing to move to one of the approximately 30 islands of the country's west coast and the only prerequisite is that you have to buy property on the actual island.

Unfortunately, the islands aren't connected to the mainland by bridges and are cut off by the tides, but if you're willing to invest in a good boat to get you to and from your home to the rest of Ireland then you are set.

The new program starts on July 1st and if you're interested you can go HERE to learn more info!

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