The Safest Countries For Solo Travelers In 2023

young solo traveler woman in Singapore street market checking the map

Photo: Getty Images

We're all about maximizing your vacation time, even if your friends and family can't go with you, but thanks to a new study we now know the best countries to travel alone to if you really want to!

The study was conducted by luggage storage company Bounce and found that Japan is actually the safest country for solo travelers in 2023.

The country took the top spot thanks to its low crime rate and was followed up by Switzerland and Slovenia; however, if you were looking for the most cost-efficient place to travel to in 2023 then Croatia takes the top spot with the most affordable accommodations.

Malta also came in second for its low cost and was followed up by Slovenia so it actually seems like Slovenia might be the most cost-efficient AND safest country for you to fly alone to if you have some extra vacation time and want to go somewhere different.

You can read where other countries ranked on both lists HERE, but would you travel by yourself to another country!?

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