The Worst Foods To Eat For Breakfast If You Feel Tired All The Time

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Sure you might be grabbing an apple or banana on your way to work if you're running late, but is it actually going to give you the energy you need throughout the day? Not exactly according to new research!

According to a new study by the American Society for Nutrition, eating enough protein at breakfast can actually give you the energy to get through the day and if you feel sluggish around 2pm that not having enough protein is the reason why.

The goal is to aim for 20g of protein at breakfast and they have also picked four of the worst foods to eat at breakfast along with suggestions for what to eat instead. The worst breakfast foods regarding protein value are: 

  1. Almond milk latte – this drink only contains 1.6g of protein and won’t stave off hunger for long. 
  2. Muffin – not a great protein option with an average of 4.5g. 
  3. Toast – buttered toast tastes great but checks in at 6g of protein. 
  4. Banana bread – a tasty option that only contains 2.6g of protein. 

Recommendations for foods high in protein include: 

  • Eggs (12g in two eggs)
  • Greek yogurt (10g in 100g)
  • Chia seed pudding (2 tbsp contains 5g protein)
  • Protein shake (up to 30g depending upon the protein powder you use)
  • Veggie frittata or omelet (if combined with cottage cheese, up to 15-20g protein)
  • Smoked salmon bagel (16g) 

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