Relationship Experts Shared The Worst Colors To Wear On A First Date

Attractive young couple in love sitting at the cafe table outdoors, drinking coffee

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Trying to impress your date and start things on the right foot? You might want to avoid wearing these colors according to a group of relationship experts!

According to the group, colors can "evoke different emotions and associations," and choosing the wrong color might send an unintended message or create a negative impression for your date.

Here are the colors they say you should avoid and why you should avoid them:

  1. Brown - Can be perceived as dull or too conservative, which may not convey the excitement and anticipation typically associated with the beginning of a potential romantic relationship
  2. Gray - This color can be seen as "unapproachable and dull," which isn't the primary energy that builds attraction."
  3. Bright Colors - Can make you appear too flashy or trying too hard, which may not be the best impression you want to create on a first date," says Malarkey.
  4. Yellow - Yellow is the color of friendship and caution - two things that you don't want to subconsciously represent when trying to make a love connection.
  5. Too Much Black - Wearing nothing but black, may make you come across as unapproachable or morbid.

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