Scientists Have Created The World's First 'Sweating' Robot

Somebody cue up the theme song from The Terminator because researchers at Arizona State University (ASU) have just designed the first walking robot that can sweat like a human!

The test robot is called ANDI and not only can it sweat, but it can also generate heat and shiver like a normal person. The idea behind the robot was to understand how the human body reacts to heatwaves, but something tells us this is only the start.

Apparently the robot can sweat throughout its entire body and was actually built with pores to simulate hotter conditions on the human body.

Researchers claim they built the robot because you can't put humans in dangerous extreme heat situations and test what would happen.

Apparently there are 10 ANDI robots in the world and researchers are hoping to introduce ANDI to another biometeorological heat robot, named MaRTy, to work together and gain a higher understanding into human sweating mechanisms.

You can see what ANDI looks like below, but we guess robots need romantic partners too??

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