This Magic: The Gathering Card Is Reselling For $500,000

Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! may have had their time to shine again for the past few years with people finding out their cards are worth a TON of money, but now Magic: The Gathering is ready to steal the spotlight as one of its upcoming cards is already reselling for a TON of money before it's even released to the public!

The card game recently announced a Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth set that is set to release later this month, but the one card that's getting everyone's attention is "The One Ring," which like the ring it's based on from the movies only has one copy of the card releasing to the public.

Since it's only being printed once, this means it's going to be extremely valuable to whoever pulls the card and people are already putting $500,000 bounties that they are willing to pay to whoever actually finds the card.

NFL player Cassius Marsh Sr. is one such individual, who recently offered up a flight to California and a $500,000 bounty for whoever the lucky recipient of The One Ring is. It's almost like a Charlie And The Chocolate Factory situation, but with trading cards instead of candy.

You can see what the card looks like below, but it might be worth buying a pack of Magic: The Gathering cards later this month because you might make a TON of money off a $5 pack of cards!

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