The Knot's Top Wedding Trends For 2023

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You can always count on every wedding to have something new involved whether it's the food, the decor, or what people are wearing, but The Knot just revealed its wedding trends for 2023 and get ready to go to a TON of fall weddings for the next few years!

The wedding planning site just released its 2023 Global Wedding Report based on a study of over 25,000 newlyweds across the globe and found that October continues to be the most popular month for weddings because it's not too hot and not too cold.

Here are some of the other trends the report revealed, which might be nice to keep in the back of your head when planning your own wedding or when you go to the next wedding you were invited to:

  • Couples hire an average of 10 vendors for their event. Photographers are hired by 85% of couples for the wedding day, but also for engagement shoots and post-wedding events too.
  • 75% of couples live together before they get married.
  • December is the most common month for couples to get engaged in many countries.
  • The average couple spends an average of 15 to 16 months planning their big day
  • More than half of couples video chatted with vendors before the big day instead of meeting them in person.
  • The U.S. has the highest average cost for weddings, at $30,000 an average of 117 guests.
  • 89% of U.S. couples had a first dance, 74% had a cake cutting, while only 37% had a bouquet toss.
  • 75% of couples took a honeymoon and/or a “minimoon" within two weeks of the wedding.

You can also see more of the trends HERE!

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