TikTok's New Intimacy Hack Involves Kissing Your Partner For Six Seconds

Are you and your partner going through it right now and haven't really been intimate with each other because of work, school, or other stressors? TikTok is here to help with its latest intimacy hack: kissing your partner for six seconds!

The "intimacy hack" is going viral on the social media app after several couples’ therapists posted about how kissing your partner for at least six seconds can build a "ritual of connection" that you can continually do every day.

The experts landed on six seconds because it's "long enough to make a moment of connection and puts your focus on your partner at that moment.

” per the Gottman Institute. Implementing this practice into your relationship can also reduce cortisol (the primary hormone tied to stress), and increase your levels of oxytocin (aka the “love” hormone).

Because the duration of the kiss lasts longer than a peck, the creator points out that you’ll need to “bring some intentionality to it” and it even can increase your levels of oxytocin (aka the love hormone!)

You can see some reviews of the hack below!

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