Heinz Just Revealed A Ketchup-Mixing Dispenser

The Coca-Cola Freestyle machines are a must at any fast-food restaurant we go to because they really let you make whatever soda concoction you could want, but now Heinz is getting in on the action with their own condiment-mixing machine!

Tentatively called the "Heinz Remix," the condiment brand just unveiled their own dispenser at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago that lets customers create their own pre-mixed custom dipping sauces through a digital touch screen.

The goal is for the machines to be introduced in select restaurants by the end of this year and users will be able to select a base sauce (ketchup, ranch, Heinz 57 sauce, or BBQ sauce) and then enhance it with other flavors like jalapeño, smoky chipotle, buffalo, and mango, with three levels of intensity.

Fingers crossed these come to a Five Guys or a McDonald's near us because they could change the game!

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